Student Counselling

Student counselling is a service provided by qualified counsellors who help address concerns that may be interfering with student learning and assists students with developmental and situational difficulties. At the Secondary level, the counsellor also facilitates and supervises a variety of on-going peer to peer programmes, such as the VIS Ambassadors, Peer Tutoring (academic support) and Peer Coaching (social and emotional support).

VIS Ambassadors

This programme works in two phases.   Firstly, new students will be sent an email from one of our existing students. Where possible this will be in their mother tongue. The letter will include information about the school that our students think it is important for new students arriving at VIS to know.  When new students arrive at VIS for their first day they will then be met by their Homeroom Ambassador. This will be a student in their homeroom that will show them around the school and be their friend and guide over the first few days and weeks of school. The Homeroom Ambassador’s role is to make your child feel part of the school, and to spend time with them while they begin the process of making connections with the students that will eventually become their friends.