Physical Education

The Vienna International School strongly believes that physical education contributes to the physical, emotional, social, creative, aesthetic and cognitive development of the whole child. The Physical Education (PE) Programme encompasses a variety of activities that provide students with an opportunity to experience, experiment with and understand a wide range of movement. As students progress through the school and the curriculum, the breadth and depth of each unit (eg. gymnastics) increases, building on previously learned skills and knowledge.

The philosophy and objective of the VIS PE Programme to promote a lifestyle of physical activity. The activities in the curriculum are a combination of athletics activities, body control and spatial awareness, games, movement to music, adventure challenge and health and fitness. These activities will be taught in a safe and mostly non-competitive manner so that each student can reach his/her full potential.

PE lessons are an important part of the IB Primary Years Programme and are also based on an inquiry approach. Specific units of PE for each Grade are directly linked to the Programme of Inquiry. Other PE units are taught as stand alone units. The Learner Profiles and PYP Attitudes are reinforced in each of the PE units. The unit of Health and Fitness is taught as a continuum over several Grades. The PE team organises a special health programme for the upper grades, including Zumba, self-defense classes, orienteering, hip-hop, First Aid and yoga classes.

Lessons provided outside of the school premises within the PE Programme include important life-saving swimming (Grades 1-3) and ice-skating (Grade 4) lessons.

When do we have PE?

-ELC and Grade Primary have three 40-minute PE lessons per week (without changing into PE clothing).

-Grades 1-5 have three 80-minute PE lessons over two weeks (changing into PE clothing before and after PE).

What should we wear in PE?

Students who change clothing for PE need a kit to participate in lessons. The PE kit needs to be labeled with the family name and class, eg. 4A. The PE kit includes:

*PE bag

*Blue shorts

*White T-shirt

*White indoor non-marking sport shoes