Philanthropy Projects

The VIS community is highly supportive of a variety of philanthropy projects and realises the importance of giving back to those less fortune.  Please click here to read about our Action & Service philosophy.  While dozens of charities have been supported over the years through the students' community and service projects, a few have garnered significant financial backing from VIS, including:

200 Club
This is a staff initiated charity project created in 1991 in response to the break-up of the former Yugoslavia.  Today, there are over 100 staff members who donate 10 euros per month and the funds support a variety of children's charities.  Over the past few years, the funds have mainly gone to either disaster related appeals or to the Austrian Federal Institute for the Blind.

Maher: 13 Years of VIS Support

Maher is a refuge for those women and children in distress in India.  It is VIS' flagship charity project, which we have been supporting since 2004.  Over 200,000 euros has been raised and three homes for children have been built with our steady support.  We are proud to say that our efforts have given 80 children in India an education and a new, dignified life.  For more information, please see  Or read about alumna Jenny Draxlbauer's visit to Maher.

Project Centipede
Each year the primary school students collect food, clothing, shoes, toys, school supplies, and toiletries to donate to Project Centipede, which personally distributes the gifts just before the December holidays to the children and their caregivers in Romania, India, Hungary, Ukraine and Austria.  For more information, go to

Students for Students
Students for Students is an organisation that raises money for students attending the Hill Preparatory School in Uganda, which specialises in integrating disabled children with non- disabled children.  VIS students ask sponsors to donate 10 euros per month or just give a donation to support the students in need.  In 2013, our students raised enough money to fund the entire year tuition for two children.  If you are interested in supporting the project, email us at

Who I Am Children’s World Library

This unique library opened in September 2015 to provide books in over 40 languages to the diverse population of migrant and refugee families in Vienna. The library is located in the 15th district and is becoming a hub where students can engage in literacy-based learning in their home languages. The VIS community has been actively involved since the library’s inception; firstly by collecting thousands of books during the CIS-sponsored ‘Turn the Page Challenge’ book drive; secondly, by undertaking the demanding task of sorting and cataloguing the books; and, currently, by running a weekly Mentor Reading Programme with students from public schools.  For more info: