Community Service

The community service programme is part of both the MYP and the IB DP curriculum and requires students to take an active part in the communities in which they live. The emphasis is on developing community awareness and concerns and acquiring the skills to make an effective contribution to society.  Please click here to read about our Action & Service philosophy.

This enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning. At the same time, it provides an important counterbalance to the pressures of the rest of the academic programme.

A good community service programme should be both challenging, enjoyable, and a personal journey of self-discovery. Each individual student has a different starting point, and therefore different goals and needs, and for many their activities include experiences that are profound and life changing.

One G12 student recently commented:

"CAS benefited me greatly and transformed me into a more aware, considerate, helpful, collaborative, skillful and generally more fulfilled person. Near the end of my project, I realized that CAS is not something you have to do but something you want to do as it created countless benefits to both myself and others around me. I know that it played an enormous role in shaping the person I am now and I feel incredibly grateful for the experience." 

Below are some CAS examples:

Austrian Refugee Crisis Support

The school has taken numerous steps to help support the refugee crisis in Austria.  This  is an ongoing effort with work in various areas.  Click here to see what we've done.

Eco Lab

This is an educational environmental project where Secondary students work in the school’s greenhouse and the pond to raise plants, amphibians, small mammals during the Autumn, Spring and summer months, and then teach Primary school students about ecology.

Fair Trade

This is a politically active club that deals with the issues of Fair Trade and looks at how farmers are exploited in the developing world and how they can be supported.  The club works to raise awareness in the school and to transfer this knowledge to parents.


This is a longer running project which raises money to purchase school supplies for a school in Ghana. The students normally send 1-2 containers of new school supplies to Ghana every year.

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos International  

The school started to support this NGO 5 years ago, which cares for orphaned and abandoned children in Latin American and the Caribbean. It is a ‘Paternkind’ operation whereby the students raise the capital to adopt an orphan and pay for their education, food and lodging for a year.  Through NPH, the school has adopted two children – one in El Salvador and the second in Puerto Rico.

Maher: 13 Years of VIS Support

Maher is a refuge for those women and children in distress in India.  It is VIS' flagship charity project, which we have been supporting since 2004.  Over 200,000 euros has been raised and three homes for children have been built with our steady support.  We are proud to say that our efforts have given 80 children in India an education and a new, dignified life.

In October 2016 the first students of VIS visited Maher as a group together with two teachers. They all came back deeply impressed and reported about the change that our help makes for many children in India.

Sister Lucy, the founder of Maher, will visit VIS in October 2017 in order to show the progress and the work that affects so many children in need as well as to express the connection and trust that we have built in many years between Maher and VIS.

For more information, please see  Or read about alumna Jenny Draxlbauer's visit to Maher.