Welcome to Admissions

Thank you for showing interest in Vienna International School (VIS) on behalf of your child. Vienna International School is a truly International School with 103 nationalities and 70 different mother tongues represented amongst its student body. The school enjoys an outstanding reputation for academic success and offers a full range of activities for students of all abilities. Vienna International School can accommodate about 1400 students and the school is located close to the UN Headquarters in the 22nd district of Vienna. Our school is easily accessible by subway (U1 line, stop Kagran) and about 15 minutes away from the city center (Stephansplatz).

Before you start the process of an online application for a place for your child we would like you to read through the following information carefully.

Admissions Policy

For your information, according to the statutes of our school, candidates for admission at Vienna International School are placed in four main priority groups, by application date. Children who apply for a place at Vienna International School must live in Vienna with their parent/s. VIS does not consider students for admission who live with relatives, family friends or in student homes, or request admissions for less than one year. We also give preference to students who re-enter and who have siblings already at our school. Please read our admissions policy.

Placement Policy

According to our school’s Admissions Policy we place new students by age, please click here to read our placement policy.

Tour of School

We offer individual appointments to introduce potential families to our school premises. In case you wish to request a tour of school please do so by email to admissions@vis.ac.at.

Waiting lists

VIS accepts new students all year long who meet the admissions criteria and requirements. As vacancies are available, students who are registered on our waiting lists will be offered a place. Our school usually maintains waiting list for all grades. We recommend you apply for places as early as possible. Applications can be made years ahead.

Connected Learning Programme

Vienna International School believes learning can be greatly supported and transformed through appropriate and purposeful use of digital technologies. To that effect, the school launched a Connected Learning Programme to provide widespread access to such technologies and thus, a digitally-rich curriculum experience. The school has prepared general information about the Connected Learning Programme that can be found here.

Class Size

We run 3 parallel classes in our ELC (16 per class), and 4 parallel classes in Grade Primary (20 per class) and in G1 to G5 (22 per class). G6 to G8 runs 5 parallel classes with 110 students, G9 runs 6 parallel classes of a maximum of 126 students, G10 runs 6 parallel classes with a max of 132 students and G11 and G12 offer 14 classes each and can have up to 140 students per grade level.


If you wish to learn more about our curriculum, please click here. More valuable information about the school can be found under FAQ section. VIS also offers a lunch and a school bus programme; please see more under catering and transportation.

ESL – English as a Second Language

Non-native English speakers are welcomed at VIS. No English tests are administered for Primary and lower Middle School students. ESL classes in the Secondary school are organized into the following two programmes: ESL Phase 2/3 (beginners) programme is open to students in grades 6-9. New students will not be admitted in grades 10 and 11 if they do not have sufficient English to meet the demands of an ESL Phase 4 programme and cope with the overall MYP/DP curriculum, delivered in English. G10, G11 and G12 students must therefore show evidence of a level of proficiency in English before being offered a place. This could be done by submitting successful school reports and/or showing school history in an English medium school, or by using a writing sample or in a personal appointment of the candidate at VIS. See additional fees 2017-2018 and additional fees for 2018-2019 for this service.

Special Needs

Our School makes every effort to provide a meaningful education for all students. Children with learning support needs will be assessed to determine whether the school has sufficient resources to accommodate them. See additional fees for 2017-2018 and additional fees for 2018-2019 for this service.

Offer of Place

Once we have received your complete online application we will assess your child’s eligibility for admission against our criteria and when a place is available an offer will be extended by direct contact to the parent by email via our online application tool OPEN APPLY. If the parent/s want to accept the place the admission fee for the respective year will have to be paid within the given deadline and proof of payment uploaded on the OPEN APPLY system or provided to the Admissions Office. The actual first day of attendance will be mutually agreed to between parents and the Admissions Coordinator.

What do I need in order to make an online application?

When making an application for admission to VIS through our OPEN APPLY system a copy of the following will need to be uploaded to the application form before you can submit the application:

- Student identification (passport) and student passport photo of high quality, ratio 3:4
- Student and parent/guardian identification (passport) and passport photo high quality, ratio 3:4
- Credit Card to make the application fee payment
- 2 most recent School reports (originals and English translations if necessary)

If applicable you may also need to upload copies of the following documents to the application form:

- Psycho-educational assessment
- Individual Learning Plan or Individual Education Plan
- Additional Educational Support assessments
- Doctors certificates

Next Steps

Entering data for one child on Open Apply will take you about 35 minutes; however, you can also start the process, save and continue later if you are short on time.

After having read all of the above information and in case you have additional questions please contact us before starting the Open Apply application process.

However, if you are now ready to start with the application process click here for Open Apply.

Tina Lackner
Admissions Coordinator

(Information as of September 2017)