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Dear Parents or Guardians, 

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you as new members of the school community. We are proud of the long tradition that the School has for providing a caring learning environment for young people from around the world, and hope that you will soon get to experience it for yourselves. As you are about to join the VIS community in August, we would like to give you access to more vital information about our school in the communication below. Please take some time to read through all of the sections so you are well prepared for your child's first day of school.

During the New Family Orientation morning, you will be introduced to both Primary and Secondary procedures for the first few days of school. On this Orientation morning, you will have the opportunity to receive additional information on our services, such as Bussing, Catering, Extra-Curricular Programmes, Sports, Music, Security and Extended Day Programme. We also have a vibrant Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which I encourage you to explore the various opportunities that the PTA provides for involvement and support. Please follow their instructions for details regarding their New Family Programme to help with your transition to Vienna.

We look forward to meeting you for the New Family Orientation morning on Friday, 28 August 2020. The meetings for parents of Primary and Secondary students will take place in the William Kirk Theater at different times. Please see more detailed information on the New Family Orientation morning schedule below and ensure to meet us there.

    table to be inserted by Primary and Secondary School

    Find below the detailed schedule for Primary and Secondary School.

    Download the calendar - School Year 2020 - 2021

    The School follows a cycle with A and B weeks, as presented in the school calendar. For a detailed version of the calendar containing the school activities throughout the school year, please check also the school Google calendar, which you will find in the Intranet and the weekly community newsletter.

    All parents must wear their VIS ID cards when entering the school premises and on campus. If you do not have a card, then access will be dependent upon providing identification to the security personnel who will issue a red Visitor card.

    Please note that the photos uploaded on OpenApply will be used for your and your child's ID cards. Where Passport Photos are unavailable, ID cards will not be issued. Passport style photos should have the following properties: ratio of 3:4, colour, facing forward and showing the head and top of the shoulders only. New parents are requested to visit the security gate on their child's first day of school to receive information on how to obtain their Parent ID cards.

    --> ask Benjamin, is this still true?

    Student ID cards ("Schülerausweis") are required when using Public Transport in Vienna. Please visit the Primary Office in order to obtain the Student ID card form. Please bring along a passport-sized photograph. These ID cards are issued once and renewed at the beginning of every school year by the Primary Office, so you will not receive a new ID card every year. Please look after it.

    However, if your child has lost their ID, you must report it missing to a magistrate office (there is a Magistrat in every district). The Magistrat will issue a Loss Report (“Verlustmeldung”) which you will have to submit to the Primary Office with a passport sized photograph so that they can issue you a new Student ID.

    If you have changed your address you will have to apply for a new ID card. Before applying, you will have to update the school with your new adress by sending an email to change(at) Only after you've requested these changes you can apply for a new ID card.

    All Secondary students are required to carry their Student EDU cards (Grades 6–12). The cards will automatically be processed by the school before a new student starts school as long as a suitable student photo and a Vienna address have been uploaded to OpenApply. 

    The student photo and EDU card will be used for many purposes in the school i.e. entering the school campus, school canteen, etc. and also as the official student ID for Secondary School students. Students starting throughout the academic year must ensure that the passport photo is uploaded at least 2,5 weeks before their first day of school.

    However, if your child has lost their ID, you must report it missing to a magistrate office (there is a Magistrat in every district). The Magistrat will issue a Loss Report (“Verlustmeldung”) which you will have to submit to the Secondary Office. If the EDU card is damaged or lost, a replacement fee of 20 Euros is charged.

    If you have changed your address you will have to apply for a new ID card. Before applying, you will have to update the school with your new address by sending an email to change(at) Only after you've requested these changes you can apply for a new ID card.

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    At VIS, we harness learning and teaching technologies to support inquiring, inspired and involved lifelong learners. To ensure this, we are committed to policies and practices which entrust that our community members:

    • are empowered as a learning community to become digitally fluent through safe, balanced and discerning use of digital technologies
    • will have equitable access to authentic learning experiences through the purposeful use of learning and teaching technologies
    • are inspired to inquire, invent and solve problems in local and global contexts using digital technologies
    • are supported in becoming responsible, self-directed and reflective users of technology through ongoing opportunities for personal and professional growth
    • embrace an open-minded attitude towards working innovatively with digital tools to optimize learning

    Students from ELC to Grade 3 will be using iPads provided by the School. Starting Grade 4, the students are required to purchase a laptop with the below minimum specifications:


    • MacBook Air - 13” Screen
    • Processor: 1.6GHz
    • RAM: 8GB
    • Storage: 256GB SSD
    • English International Keyboard
    • Operating System: OS X

    Please read the Learning via Technology for details. If you have further questions, please contact the Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO), at cdio(at)

    Dear parents,

    The medical department prepared some recommendations for you before your child/ren start with school/ kindergarden in Vienna

    1) Register your family with a General Practitioner (german: Hausarzt). A GP is the first point of contact if you/your child/ren get sick and need medical treatment/ attention, except medical emergency/accident.

    • the GP treats children from 1-18 years and adults
    • writes you off sick from work
    • refers you (if necessary) to a specialist
    • amongst others offers blood checks, injections, infusions, vaccinations, ECG, changing of dressings, prescription, referrals…

    2) Register with a pediatrician for your child/ren (treats children from baby age till 18 years).

    On the website (in different languages) you will find all medical doctors in Vienna, structured by speciality and other criterias of general interest.

    3) In case of a medical emergency, please call 144! You find here for download a “Quick Guide” the medical department compiled for community's use, including contacts of emergency/accident/medical units and children clinics in Vienna.

    4) In Austria, vaccination is not mandatory. Below you find the link to recommended vaccinations according the Austrian vaccination scheme. It is advisable to check the immunization card of your child with the GP/ pediatrician to make sure it is up to date. VIS has no medical requirements in regards to vaccinations and does not provide the service of vaccinations in school.

    Please be aware that the school medical services are not a GP´s office. According to Austrian law, the school medical department provides preventive measures and First Aid mainly. Extensive examinations, diagnostics (e.g. X- ray), therapeutic services and treatments are not within the scope of practice. Thus, handing out prescriptions or referrals to medical specialists is not permitted. Unfortunately we cannot provide these services.


    The After School Activities Programme  is dedicated to both Primary and Secondary students and contains a variety of activities organised throughout the school year to cover the different interests of the VIS students. Upon arriving, parents are welcome to check the VIS Intranet/ Extra-Curricular Programmes and receive information regarding the After School Activities Programme, along with the registration details.

    link from the activity list from semester 1 last year!!!

    For more information, please contact vis(at)

     When is the sign up?

    The Competitive Sports Programme is for Secondary School students only. The school year has three seasons and every season has a limited number of Competitive Sports available. Upon arriving, parents are welcome to check the VIS Intranet/ Extra-Curricular Programmes and receive information regarding the After School Activities Programme, along with the registration details.

    For more information, please contact vis(at)

    When is the sign up?

    Families requiring supervision for their children after 14:55 can access the Extended Day Programme (EDP) from 15:00 to 17:30 as normal.

    The completed form can be emailed to the EDP Supervisor edp(at) or hand it to the Primary Office directly, anytime during the school year.

    EDP Guide

    EDP Form

    When is the sign up?

    Across the school, the Mother Tongue programme has students from Grade Primary to Grade 12 learning in around 30 different languages

    Upon arriving, parents are welcome to check the VIS Intranet/ Extra-Curricular Programmes and receive information regarding the Mother Tongue Programme, along with the registration details. 

    Primary School: pypmothertongue(at)

    Secondary School: Grade 6 - Grade 10: mypmothertongue(at) and Grade 11 - Grade 12: dpmothertongue(at)

    When is the sign up?

    Click here to read more information regarding the Performing Arts Programme, dedicated to students from Grade 3 to Grade 12.

    If you have any additional questions about our programme, you are welcome to write to performingartsleader(at) .

    When is the sign up?

    From ELC to Grade 12 we offer the Instrumental Programme (VISMA). For more information, please click to read the Coverletter and the detailed information regarding Instrumental Tuition.

    To register for the VISMA Programme, you need to fill out the Contractual Agreement form and take it to the VISMA Representative (or email it). Following this process, a VISMA teacher will contact you to organize a lesson time.

    For more information, please contact

    When is the sign up?

    We don't have any useful pictures from ASA :-(

    VIS is glad to offer a healthy lunch menu to its students. Our outsourced Catering Service Eurest is supporting us in providing a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal and snacks which are designed to enrich our students' bodies and physical development. 

    (You can opt for your child to have contracted lunch or you can prepare packed lunch for your child, at your best convenience.)

    Detailed information about the Catering Service

    Price Information


    Register here!

    The contact person for the Catering Service is Andrew Warren: andrew.warren(at)

    The City of Vienna has a comprehensive public transport system run by the Wiener Linien (Public Transportation Routes). In order to obtain a student transport pass you need the student ID card ("Schülerausweis" in Primary School, Edu card in Secondary School). To use public transport, you can choose from the following ticket options.

    Our school is easily reachable by U1 subway, situated right next to the Kagran U-bahn station.

    All Secondary students will be involved in Activity Week (Grades 6-10) or Focus Week (Grades 11-12) from 9 to 13 September 2019.

    Grades 6, 8 and 9 will be away on residential trips from Monday to Friday. These trips involve hiking, team building activities, cultural experiences and more learning activities. Further information will be provided at the start of the school year, as well as at the Parent Information Evenings which are held at the start of the school year.

    Grades 7, 10, 11 and 12 will be based in Vienna. All parents will receive more information from the Secondary school, including a detailed schedule for the week nearer the time, as well as during our Parent Information Evenings at the start of the school year.

    Secondary School only

    Some of the big questions when moving to a new country or new school are ‘What is the school like?’ and ‘Who will I know?’ Our students understand what this is like as many have experienced this themselves. The VIS Ambassador programme sets out to make sure your child will have the answer to this question before they start school.

    Firstly, you will be sent an email to pass on to your child from one of our students. Where possible this will be in your child’s mother tongue. The letter will include information about the school that our students think it is important for new students arriving at VIS to know. In the letter will also be the email address of one of our older students who will be able to answer any questions your child may have about VIS and life in Vienna. At the new student orientation morning, your child will be assigned a Homeroom Ambassador.

    This student will be their key person at VIS as they settle in. They will show them around the school on the orientation day, and then meet them on the morning of the first full day of school. The Homeroom Ambassador’s role is to make your child feel part of the school, and to spend time with them while they begin the process of making connections with the students that will eventually become their friends. 

    If you have questions about the VIS Ambassador Programme please feel free to contact the Secondary School Counsellor at khantscht(at)


    The VIS New Family Programme is coordinated by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This popular and important network pairs up new families with an established volunteer family who already has some experience of the school and living in Vienna. The purpose of this programme is to assist you in settling in by answering your questions and helping you to find further information and resources. The family might share the same language, nationality, or have children in the same grades. 

    Please fill out the New Family Form by following this link so that we can find a suitable liaison to help answer your questions and assist you in settling in. We are excited to have you as part of the VIS community.

    If you're already eager to find out more about VIS, you can follow us on Social Media to get a weekly insight into our school life or read the VIS Story on our website.

    We can't wait to welcome you!



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