Austria's 1. Eco-School



"The VIS community is committed to creating awareness of the need for a sustainable environment and to leave a green print on our planet."

Pledge created by our VIS Green Team Students


World-class schools are defined by the way in which their students and staff exemplify their beliefs and values. Our VIS community supports our students, and empowers them to be successful and responsible, not just in the school but for the long term.

Our students designed and implemented programmes to reduce and recycle water and other waste, to improve the school outdoor environment, and to study and support biodiversity in VIS and its environs. The students and teachers demonstrated their projects to the Foundation for Environmental Education. Shortly after, the FEE awarded VIS the status of Eco-School, Austria's 1st (and to date only) Eco-School. 

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"It is evident that VIS is truly dedicated to sustainability and the Eco-School's programme itself (and...) undoubtedly deserves the Green Flag Award. They have invested the time, effort, and dedication needed to run the Eco-Schools programme successfully."

Foundation for Environmental Education