Social Studies

People all over the world have more similarities than differences because our basic human needs are the same. It is how we meet these needs and interact with our environment that makes us different. Through Social Studies, students develop from an understanding of their personal and cultural identities to a greater awareness and understanding of different peoples across place and time. They also develop an understanding of people’s relationship with and responsibility toward the environment. 
Ares of study include:

Human Systems + Economic Activities

  • Organisations and systems are constructed by people to serve a purpose.
  • People connect locally and globally.
  • Power and authority are distributed in a variety of ways.

Social Organisation + Culture

  • Individuals, groups and societies interact with each other.
  • People organize themselves into communities, cultures and societies, which can interact.

Continuity + Change Through Time

  • People and societies are affected by events in their time and these can have an effect on the future.

Human + Natural Environments

  • Peoples and places have features that give them their identity.
  • People affect and are affected by their environment.
  • Natural disasters have an impact on people and the built environment.

Resources + The Environment

  • There are complex factors, which affect the use and management of resources.
  • Scientific and technological developments impact on the environment.



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