VIS students from grades 10 -12 produce an annual yearbook with the help of an adviser. Each year, a theme is decided (such as technology, success or action) and a student cover competition ensues, with the design cover going to the student who best captures the theme. The entire effort takes thousands of hours, over an eight month period, and we are extremely proud of their work. Contributions, advertisements, and journalistic help are always need, so please contact

VIS Yearbook 2017

The 2017 Yearbook is now well under construction and getting ready for print. This year the price will be 55€ per Yearbook and 100€ for 2 Yearbooks. If you wish to order more than 2 Yearbooks, the price is 50€ per Yearbook.

If you would like to order one (or more) please make the payment to the VIS bank account by 7 April, 12:00 noon. There is no need to email the Yearbook team to confirm your order.

You will find below the details to make an online or in bank payment.

Bank Austria Unicredit
Donaustadtstrasse 1, 1220, Wien
IBAN: AT96 1200 0006 5556 4409
Payable to: Vienna International School Yearbook

Please ensure that you put in the reference section your child's name and class. If you are ordering more than one Yearbook please put in the name and class of the child that you would like to receive or collect the Yearbooks.

Once the books arrive in school, copies ordered for students in the Primary School will be delivered to the homeroom classes directly to the students. Secondary students and parents will be able to collect their copies during specified times in the Secondary Library. Please keep a copy of your payment proof to bring along when you collect your copy of the Yearbook.

We are planning for the books to be available by 1 June. If you are leaving the school and would like to have a Yearbook posted to you then please contact the Yearbook Team to find out about arrangements for this.

Please note that there will only be the amount of Yearbooks requested in advance actually ordered, so please take care not to miss out on your copy. If you do not prepay your order you will not receive a copy of the Yearbook.

Any queries, please contact the Yearbook Team.

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