Admissions Policy

Before starting the admission process, candidates are placed in four main priority groups, based on the Vienna International School Association statutes:

Group 1

Children of United Nations staff, and other Vienna International Centre based organizations, including international organizations specified by the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

Group 2

Children of members of Embassies and Permanent Missions in Austria, and children of Austrian Foreign Ministry diplomatic staff.

Group 3

Children without Austrian citizenship whose parents are employed within the international business sector.

Group 4

Other children within this priority group are offered places according to the following criteria:
  • Children whose parents have lived and worked for at least two years outside Austria recently (no longer than five years ago), and where the children have attended an English language school.
  • Children whose parents can demonstrate that they expect to relocate to a non-German speaking country within the next two years.
  • Children whose mother-tongue is not German.
  • Children who were born outside Austria.
  • Children whose parents have different nationalities.
  • Children whose parents can demonstrate for any other reason that they have a specific need for an international education in the English language.
The criteria for group 4, other children, are not in order of precedence, but help the Admissions Coordinator to build up a profile of candidates for the Director to determine priority.

In each of the four groups, a special priority is accorded to those children who are applying to re-enter the school (within 2 years) and to those children who have siblings already in the school.

Apart from these criteria, places on the waiting list are determined by the date on which we receive all of the requested admissions documentation - including the application fee, copy of passport and the reports from the current school. It is imperative that you provide contact numbers where we can be sure of reaching you.

We begin making decisions at the end of February and at the beginning of March for those who wish to enter school at the start of the academic year in August. Parents whose children are offered places will have a specific period of time to confirm their acceptance by paying the Admissions Fee. After that time, we shall move to the next candidate on the list.

We are, of course, happy to answer any further questions about the school or the admissions procedure. Thank you for your interest.

For further information, please contact Tina Lackner, Admissions Coordinator.

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